Losing Money

What does it matter that some money is gone?  Money is always going or gone.  When we try to save it, things happen to make it go in massive, unexpected chunks.  Somebody explained the karma of money to me – spend money and it returns to you (and grows).  Never been entirely convinced by this, but also very aware that our relation to money is affected by arbitrary events.  Things happen.  Something fucks up.  She fucks up.  I fuck up. There are always fuck ups no matter how carefully we guard against them – and then another chunk of money is gone.  If anything, thinking superstitiously, I’d say that the greater our efforts to manage our limited financial resources in a frugal and responsible manner, the more likely that arbitrary losses will occur.  So in this sense perhaps the karma theory has some validity. Perhaps profligate spending protects against loss.  Why?  Less because loss no longer occurs than because it no longer affect us so much.  Invested in the experience of arbitrary loss, further loss leaves us unmoved.  Within this context, any money that flows the other way – that comes to us – appears as a wondrous gift that can only be protected and celebrated with further arbitrary expenditure.

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