• 2014 Ultimatum: for the past year or so I have been playing guitar at night. Have discovered Open G tuning and have started playing fingerstyle. Whenever I come up with something that takes reasonable shape I record it in a single take on my iPad. Early in December I put an album of material up on Bandcamp. It’s called Ultimatum. You can listen to it without buying it. Free copies easily arranged.
  • 2009 Um: extends upon the grid based drawing of Iconistory to add animation, image processing, vector drawing and editable grid resolution. Central concern with plays of scale.
  • 2007 Iconistory: initially concerned with representing major historical events as 32 X 32 icons, but now the project has drifted off to be more about grid based drawing and animation.
  • 2007 Risking Code: Software Art – Dilemmas and Possibilities risking_code
  • 2007 Anachronism: a deliberately primitive and poorly featured Java 3D engine. It aims to discover creative possibilities of pattern and rendering by stripping away the sophistication of contemporary engines and by abandoning the emphasis on visual realism and naturalistic representation.
  • 2006 Paphos: samples uneventful moments of time at the margins of an Australian archaelogical dig in Paphos, Western Cyprus. My concern is to represent the peculiar coincidence of ancient, mythological and contemporary elements. Another concern is to return video to the condition of photography.
  • 2005 Cropper_Propper_Gridder: an engine for representing video as a grid of temporally independent sequences. The initial project focused on video of the Ross Sea region of Antarctica. The aim was to discover a perverse sense of duration within time’s mechanical dislocation.
  • 2002 Hotel: an ironic reflection upon notions of generative digital space. Instead of infinite vistas, it imagines a claustrophobic, recursive and minimally permutational hotel environment. The work is shaped as a puzzle. What is the origin of this space? Who can claim to be its architect?
  • 2001 Halfeti – Only Fish Shall Visit: a navigable record of the small town of Halfeti on the banks of the Euphrates River in South Eastern Turkey in the months prior to its permanent flooding by a large hydro-electrical project. It links together aspects of traditional documentary and spatial exploratory gaming.
  • 1994 “Bolts, Climbing and the Aesthetics of Wilderness Experience”, Gripped Off Me Scone bolts_climbing_aesthetics_94
  • mid-1990s “Swimming with Sharks – Strategies of Popularisation in a Contemporary Wildlife Documentary” sharks
  • 1992 Dumb and Unemployed dumbandunemployed_92
  • 1992 “Her Name” her_name
  • 1992 “Notes on the Good Woman of Bangkok” orourke
  • 1990 “Moss Vale” moss_vale
  • 1990 “Nature and Critique: Notes against Indifference” Australian Cultural Studies Conference nature_1990
  • 1987 “Excess and Dramatic Form” aristotle_excess_87
  • 1987 “Debbie Does Halloween”, some bloody conference or other debbie_87
  • mid-80s “Cairns” marlin
  • 1982 Ingelara ingelara_82

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